Boardgames with a personal your way!

Hey all...who lives in that pineapple under the sea? Okay, if you're not a Spongebob fan, that's okay, but this is a boardgame I created for a mom to give to her son who is in love with Mr. Squarepants.

Thought I'd throw it up as an example of what I could do if you should know any little tykes out there who'd enjoy a personalized game to pass the time. (I also did a custom spinner and game pieces.) All themes welcomed, and if I do say so myself I'm pretty creative and if you aren't completely sure what you want, but know of a few things the kid likes, I can put it together. Also, don't think games are only for the wee ones...want to put a fun personal twist to a bridal shower, baby shower, or any other event, hit me up! :)

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