Santa Likes the Real Stuff

Don't piss off the Big Guy and wind up on the naughty list...put out the good cookies!!

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Frosty the Snowman Pays a Visit

don't fret over a melted Frosty...thanks to today's technology that old 'magic hat' it soooooo outdated!

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Looking For Some Santas...

Lately something has been niggling at me. Recently a friend of mine has been particularly quiet, dare I even say on edge, and being that I'm not usually one to pry I let her know that if something was 'up' I'd offer my support but that she shouldn't feel obligated to elaborate if she didn't feel comfortable. Just that I was there if she needed a vent session. She came out with this, "I'm sorry if I've been a b**** lately!" Without going into details and to keep her privacy the bottom line is that money is particularly tight.

She has three sons, 12, 9, and 6 years old and with whom I've had the pleasure of playing around with. (Anyone who knows me will attest to the fact that I'm very picky about which kids I will garner a stamp of approval to, and all three have passed the test.) It broke my heart to hear of the circumstances, as to parts of her story I could relate and thought back to my own childhood. A single mom, doing all she can to not only give her children all they need, but to never let them know all she in turn goes without. Thankfully my own mother wasn't single for all too long, and a man to whom I can't begin to express how much I think of him...for he truly earned that title as Dad, stepped in and pulled his own share of the brunt. Actually pulled far more than his fair share!

But in getting back to my friend worrying about putting presents under the tree this year while still covering expenses; I wanted to do something to help. I wished I had the extra funds to hit up Toys R Us and surround the tree with loot...but I don't have amble amounts of extra cash lying around myself. (Thank you Legacy hospital! Lol.)

And so I've been troubled, and still wanted to be able to help. Now I've never done something like this, and it's not exactly going about it the 'proper' way in that it isn't a case of an Adopt a Family type organization. Add on top of that the fact that the date that Santa is due here is fast approaching. But, if there is anyone that would like to help out this wonderful family, please contact me. My email is:

I can't really offer you much in exchange, except knowing how much of an impact you will have on this family of much of a burden you will be able to ease for a struggling mother. I will also promise to anyone who helps in any way to make them their own personalized cartoon and express my own thanks.

Again, I know this is a rather odd way to go about things, and I wasn't even completely sure whether to go through with it, but it was all I could think of. I hope you all can be grateful for what you do have, and if you are able to share...though I completely understand not everyone can!

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A Very Lindsay Lohan Christmas

ahhh, time to start rolling out the christmas themed cartoons! i've made a few and the first for your enjoyment is here. i'm also making known my penchant for celeb gossip...but really, unless you've lived under a rock you've had to have at least been aware of the ongoing crashing and burning of this troubled star (if not her whole family!). they replayed The Parent Trap not too long ago and it made me kinda sad...gosh if that poor little girl only knew what was in store for her!!

at any rate, at least it looks like Santa may be taking pity on poor LiLo...though i guess it also shows i was in a rather charitable mood too since (and as friends even thought perhaps i should) what could have been dropped into her stocking could have been a lot more scandalous.

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Back off...those are MY Pop-Tarts!!

'Nuf said. my pop-tarts of choice? 'Smores, baby!! but i don't discriminate against anything with chocolate in it...and those raspberry ones count for a serving of fruit, right?? ;)

if u're a bit possessive of the tarts urself, u can hop over to my zazzle page to find this cartoon on some fun stuff...but either way, start ur morning off rite. actually they're pretty darn good any time of the day.

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Macaroni and Cheese Heat Things Up

Mmmmmmmmmm, cheesy!! :) Sorry for the blog neglect, i've been working on a few different things (and you can look forward to a few holiday themed comics coming up soon!) but i had this funny idea of cheese and noodles gettin' together to make some mac'n cheese love and voila! so hopefully if nothing else you get a tee-hee and perhaps a hankering for a bright orange bowl full of noodleness...who says orange #5 isn't part of a daily nutritional need?

And you can also check this design out over at my Zazzle store to get it in shirt, mug, card, (even doggie clothes), etc. form.

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Draco's Gettin' Toasty in the Mornin'

well, i am loooong over-due for a post here! sorry, i've been busy with one thing or another, but i had this image of a dragon making toast floating in my head for a bit so when i got some time i thought i'd throw out a sketch and see what came out. i really am not one to usually draw dragons all that much, but i figured that between tormenting damsels in distress and guarding troves of treasure even a fire breathing beast has to start his day off why not jam and toast?

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She's Olive Oyl the Enraged Housewife...Toot Toot

Looks like Popeye's not the only one popping the top on that can o' spinach. Who knew the dangers of performance enhancement extended to some magic greens?

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A Stinky Old Man

there certainly are no shortage of colorful characters that live in my apartment complex and good old Alfred is definitely one of them. there are those that age gracefully, who are quick as a whip, and still shower regularly as they reach those golden years...sadly Alfred has missed the boat on all three and more. u can accuse me of being insensitive to what is clearly a few screws missing, but because he has crossed the line to full on creeper status on more than one occasion i don't feel any guilt at poking fun. to get back to the cartoon, Alfred does in fact sit on the stoop of the main complex building in full on suit attire, (gloves, hat, and all) day in and day out. why the gloves? why the hat? and why does he pair the 'classy' suit with a cotton purple turtle neck? these are all questions to ponder, as well as when was the last time he actually took a shower and laundered said clothes? i've tallied him wearing the same duds for well over a month and it is a fact he's been asked on more than one occasion to take a shower by the management for the simple reason that he smells. oh Alfred.

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Yodel Me a Thank You!

who could resist a fat swiss on a yak singing your praises? if you have someone who deserves a big THANK YOU then you can send them this card that i put together. :P

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Sometimes Life Stinks...So Take Pleasure Where You Can

so this card pretty much speaks for itself! hehe...i luv me my shrimp and i got to thinking how it's gross when u get that nice plump one with a long poop string still attached and i thought, "well, wat if it was just that little bugger of a shrimp's way of sticking it to us in its final moments?" at any rate this card is up on the Pig and u could send it out if u'd like...i think it also would work well as a 'hang in there' type of message or even condolences...we all get hit with a raw deal sometimes and if it takes a little pettiness to keep our spirits, up so be it! ;)

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The Art of Running

Here is one of the pieces that is part of the running series I have been working on in collaboration with Bill Leung; yes we got real crazy with the name and coined it Chock/Leung ART. ;) Being that we are both track fans and such it's been fun and also neat in mixing the medias. Bill has taken his background photos and worked with them in photoshop and I have created the people or's been cool picking and pairing the duos. We've also done quite a few outside of the running theme and I'll be posting them up from time to time. Hope you like this one for now. :)

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Congrats to all those Moms-to-be!

It sorta seems like it is the season for babies...i guess that summer luving is in the air?? i have heard in the past there were studies about an increase in pregnancies around the summer months...but whether that is true or not i cannot say but it sure seems to me that plenty of people i know are expecting! to celebrate all those moms-to-be here is a little congratulatory card with a message to match! hopefully u only pass this one along (and the congrats) to someone who IS actually preggers! ;)

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The Energy Drink for the Hef of Pooches there is a story behind this cartoon and I have not just lost my brain completely and am not by any means now peddling a sex drive type energy drink for pooches! No, I have thankfully retained more sanity, and dignity, than that! So the story goes that a good friend of mine was given AMPLE amounts of this crazy concoction of an energy drink choicely named 'Sex Drive Energy Drink' by a coworker. Said coworker had embarked upon a business venture of his own and had hoped to make millions (as he most surely would, right?!?!) selling this stuff as it took the market by storm. As one might expect this new drink was not the best selling force this young man hoped it would be and as fate would have it he was then left with cases upon cases of the junk that he couldn't sell and was thus now giving it away to anyone and everyone he could talk into taking some. Never one to pass up a freebie (no matter how absurd it was) my friend helped out his coworker by taking a few (okay much more than a few!) cases of this crap home. Now my friend also has an awesome dog, Pre, and amidst the usual cracks on why my friend was keeping slews of this crazy energy drink in his house as I'm sure you can imagine, I thought it may be funny to think just what this adorable pooch may do should he gain access to the amazing power of this energy drink. And so this cartoon was born and here it is. The moral my friends is that if you want to make a quick mill...don't bank on doing it by selling to an already inundated market of energy drinks and ED remedies...and certainly don't try to appeal to both! ;)

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Running cartoons and mixed media designs

Well, if you have yet to discover i am a big running geek. :) I did this little cartoon for a friend of mine; it is actually his photograph i used in the background and i added in the runners and the little quip at the end. I've been dabbling around with my friend Bill in some fun new art pieces with mixed media. I've been using his photos for the backgrounds and inserting some of my art/characters into the foregrounds/backgrounds. You can see lots more of what we are collaborating on at my website in the oH No aRt section. It's been fun experimenting so be on the look out for more! :P

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Some inspired art for Father's Day! :)


Well, tomorrow is Father's Day, so if you haven't sent your dear old Dad a card yet, you may want to send him this little diddy! Who doesn't appreciate a good poop joke?!?! ;) You can find this card over at Pigspigot...and be sure to send some love to Pops!

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Sample of pencil art piece in progress

Sorry for long silence on my end; but here is what i was working on today. i did the person with pencils then scanned her in and did a quick background on the computer. she is actually going to be one part in a larger piece that is in progress; but i was pleased how she turned out and wanted to put up on her own.

on a different note i've also been tweaking my website:
i threw in some new pictures and got rid of a few. i'm still having trouble on the web tech end; i want the home page to be a 2x2 grid layout but for whatever reason even if i make the images smaller they won't line up! after too much frustration and a headache i gave up but will revisit it again when i no longer want to chuck the computer at the wall. :P also, not sure if i've posted a link to my Zazzle store where i've been putting some of my designs on shirts and such:* but feel free to check it out and drop me a line if u have any feedback, comments, or pictures you've seen around and have a special request for.

alright, until later!

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Happy birthday to look like a pinata and spew candy like one too!

This cartoon comes to you courtesy of my 'old man'...Dad that is! ;) It was Pop's birthday so I created him this little card, and if u like it u can send it urself too. I hope you are all doing well and avoiding being whacked by a bunch of candy crazed youngsters!

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You know guys rule the house when...the toilet seat is perpetually left up

So this above cartoon is actually the first one in a series I'm going to do entitled, "10 Signs Guys Have Taken over the House," and if you have meandered over to my Fitness Stop Blog you've already seen it. But this one is for "The Toilet Seat is Perpetually Left Up!" and it has been turned into a Mother's Day card over at Pigspigot if you wanted to send one to dear Mom on her special day! ;)

I'll post up the second cartoon later, so you can check back here or if you really can't wait it is up on my other blog. :)

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Proudly a Clydesdale!

well for all of u needing a little kick in the butt to get in shape maybe this will do it! hehe...i'm a running fanatic myself and ever since i broke my leg and have been relegated to the couch i've been certain that by the time i get back to pounding the pavement i will be of sumo proportions! this then got me thinking to what it would look like for me to be waddling down the road; still i didn't want to do a girl because that may hit a little too close to they say i don't necessarily want to jinx myself with a prophetical cartoon! so instead i made this guy and you can tell that his heart for the sport and his dedication is just as large as his actual running shorts! so to all of the Clydesdale runners out there...quake the track with pride! You can actually see this as a Father's Day card if you want and i've also turned it into a few fun shirts, mugs, etc. to see on my Zazzle site.

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Sleep with one eye open all ye litter bugs...Earth Day is a'coming!

So in case you have yet to hear about it Earth Day is in fact tomorrow and to pay homage to our good Mother Earth I've made two little cartoons that I hope you can get a chuckle from and perhaps even make you think twice about throwing that hamburger wrapper on the ground! ;) You can find this first one as a card u can send out to any dastardly litter bugs you know as a warning to clean up their acts!

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Box of cookies or a broken leg?

Beware of the Girl Scout Mafia! if u don't want to wind up swimming with the fish u better be willing to chow down copious amounts of thin mints! ;)

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Dream Big Little Timmy, But Sometimes Reality Bites

Just a little something i was working on in testing out my new colorizing program...i hope it doesn't dissuade you from still following your dreams! hehe

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