Marketing and Web Content

Whether a business is working online or off, there are always on the lookout for freelance writers to prepare an array of different written works for them. This includes writing press releases, brochures and fliers, creating web content, and various other types of marketing content. As a freelance writer I have done work in this field and below are a few samples of my work.

Press Releases:

Yes-Shop 1

Yes-Shop 2

Netbook Accessories

Web Page Content:

Simply Hike Squidoo Lens

Simply Snorkel Squidoo Lens

Simply Beach Squidoo Lens

Simply Scuba Squidoo Lens

Simply Swim Squidoo Lens

Business and Website Articles and Product Reviews

Best Weight Loss Pill?

Do Diet Pills Work?

Alii the Diet Pill Revealed

Does Alli Really Work?

What is Resveratrol?

What is Maqui Berry?

Top High Street Brands

What is Acaiberrry?

Does Liponbind Work?

Does Adios Work?

Special LG Brand Features

Should You Upgrade to an LED TV?

Which LCD TV is Best For You?"

TV Ratios and Terms Explained

Which Plasma TV is Best For You?

Why Choose LG?

How To Calibrate Your TV

Choosing the Size of Your TV

What's the Difference Between and LED and LCD TV?

Should You Buy and LCD or Plasma TV?

MOOV Education is Fun to Learn

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