Running cartoons and mixed media designs

Well, if you have yet to discover i am a big running geek. :) I did this little cartoon for a friend of mine; it is actually his photograph i used in the background and i added in the runners and the little quip at the end. I've been dabbling around with my friend Bill in some fun new art pieces with mixed media. I've been using his photos for the backgrounds and inserting some of my art/characters into the foregrounds/backgrounds. You can see lots more of what we are collaborating on at my website in the oH No aRt section. It's been fun experimenting so be on the look out for more! :P

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Some inspired art for Father's Day! :)


Well, tomorrow is Father's Day, so if you haven't sent your dear old Dad a card yet, you may want to send him this little diddy! Who doesn't appreciate a good poop joke?!?! ;) You can find this card over at Pigspigot...and be sure to send some love to Pops!

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Sample of pencil art piece in progress

Sorry for long silence on my end; but here is what i was working on today. i did the person with pencils then scanned her in and did a quick background on the computer. she is actually going to be one part in a larger piece that is in progress; but i was pleased how she turned out and wanted to put up on her own.

on a different note i've also been tweaking my website:
i threw in some new pictures and got rid of a few. i'm still having trouble on the web tech end; i want the home page to be a 2x2 grid layout but for whatever reason even if i make the images smaller they won't line up! after too much frustration and a headache i gave up but will revisit it again when i no longer want to chuck the computer at the wall. :P also, not sure if i've posted a link to my Zazzle store where i've been putting some of my designs on shirts and such:* but feel free to check it out and drop me a line if u have any feedback, comments, or pictures you've seen around and have a special request for.

alright, until later!

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