Proudly a Clydesdale!

well for all of u needing a little kick in the butt to get in shape maybe this will do it! hehe...i'm a running fanatic myself and ever since i broke my leg and have been relegated to the couch i've been certain that by the time i get back to pounding the pavement i will be of sumo proportions! this then got me thinking to what it would look like for me to be waddling down the road; still i didn't want to do a girl because that may hit a little too close to they say i don't necessarily want to jinx myself with a prophetical cartoon! so instead i made this guy and you can tell that his heart for the sport and his dedication is just as large as his actual running shorts! so to all of the Clydesdale runners out there...quake the track with pride! You can actually see this as a Father's Day card if you want and i've also turned it into a few fun shirts, mugs, etc. to see on my Zazzle site.

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Sleep with one eye open all ye litter bugs...Earth Day is a'coming!

So in case you have yet to hear about it Earth Day is in fact tomorrow and to pay homage to our good Mother Earth I've made two little cartoons that I hope you can get a chuckle from and perhaps even make you think twice about throwing that hamburger wrapper on the ground! ;) You can find this first one as a card u can send out to any dastardly litter bugs you know as a warning to clean up their acts!

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Box of cookies or a broken leg?

Beware of the Girl Scout Mafia! if u don't want to wind up swimming with the fish u better be willing to chow down copious amounts of thin mints! ;)

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Dream Big Little Timmy, But Sometimes Reality Bites

Just a little something i was working on in testing out my new colorizing program...i hope it doesn't dissuade you from still following your dreams! hehe

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Make a date under the sea

well, i've been doing my best to hone my skills on the computer to colorize my sketches and thanks to some help from some friends i've been chipping off some of my techno lameness and learning the ropes...albeit the basic ones! but i've been able to separate the layers between my outlines and background (thanks ben! haha)and learned how to better shade/highlight. i'm still getting used to it all but this was my first one. i've got a cartoon that i also did and will post later.

the big news for me is i have finished writing out my second full novel and it turned out better than i expected. i now have the fun task of editing and i'm currently plowing my way through that so that is why i haven't been able to mess around with the cartoons as much as i would have liked. well, that's all for now and hope u all are having a great weekend! :)

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Happy out where you hide those eggs!

Hope your own Easter winds up better than the poor Easter Bunny's! :)

Enjoy the little cartoon, and you can see the full card here...and also be sure to get your daily recommended value of Peeps!

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