Sample of pencil art piece in progress

Sorry for long silence on my end; but here is what i was working on today. i did the person with pencils then scanned her in and did a quick background on the computer. she is actually going to be one part in a larger piece that is in progress; but i was pleased how she turned out and wanted to put up on her own.

on a different note i've also been tweaking my website:
i threw in some new pictures and got rid of a few. i'm still having trouble on the web tech end; i want the home page to be a 2x2 grid layout but for whatever reason even if i make the images smaller they won't line up! after too much frustration and a headache i gave up but will revisit it again when i no longer want to chuck the computer at the wall. :P also, not sure if i've posted a link to my Zazzle store where i've been putting some of my designs on shirts and such:* but feel free to check it out and drop me a line if u have any feedback, comments, or pictures you've seen around and have a special request for.

alright, until later!

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