The Energy Drink for the Hef of Pooches there is a story behind this cartoon and I have not just lost my brain completely and am not by any means now peddling a sex drive type energy drink for pooches! No, I have thankfully retained more sanity, and dignity, than that! So the story goes that a good friend of mine was given AMPLE amounts of this crazy concoction of an energy drink choicely named 'Sex Drive Energy Drink' by a coworker. Said coworker had embarked upon a business venture of his own and had hoped to make millions (as he most surely would, right?!?!) selling this stuff as it took the market by storm. As one might expect this new drink was not the best selling force this young man hoped it would be and as fate would have it he was then left with cases upon cases of the junk that he couldn't sell and was thus now giving it away to anyone and everyone he could talk into taking some. Never one to pass up a freebie (no matter how absurd it was) my friend helped out his coworker by taking a few (okay much more than a few!) cases of this crap home. Now my friend also has an awesome dog, Pre, and amidst the usual cracks on why my friend was keeping slews of this crazy energy drink in his house as I'm sure you can imagine, I thought it may be funny to think just what this adorable pooch may do should he gain access to the amazing power of this energy drink. And so this cartoon was born and here it is. The moral my friends is that if you want to make a quick mill...don't bank on doing it by selling to an already inundated market of energy drinks and ED remedies...and certainly don't try to appeal to both! ;)

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