A Stinky Old Man

there certainly are no shortage of colorful characters that live in my apartment complex and good old Alfred is definitely one of them. there are those that age gracefully, who are quick as a whip, and still shower regularly as they reach those golden years...sadly Alfred has missed the boat on all three and more. u can accuse me of being insensitive to what is clearly a few screws missing, but because he has crossed the line to full on creeper status on more than one occasion i don't feel any guilt at poking fun. to get back to the cartoon, Alfred does in fact sit on the stoop of the main complex building in full on suit attire, (gloves, hat, and all) day in and day out. why the gloves? why the hat? and why does he pair the 'classy' suit with a cotton purple turtle neck? these are all questions to ponder, as well as when was the last time he actually took a shower and laundered said clothes? i've tallied him wearing the same duds for well over a month and it is a fact he's been asked on more than one occasion to take a shower by the management for the simple reason that he smells. oh Alfred.

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