Looking For Some Santas...

Lately something has been niggling at me. Recently a friend of mine has been particularly quiet, dare I even say on edge, and being that I'm not usually one to pry I let her know that if something was 'up' I'd offer my support but that she shouldn't feel obligated to elaborate if she didn't feel comfortable. Just that I was there if she needed a vent session. She came out with this, "I'm sorry if I've been a b**** lately!" Without going into details and to keep her privacy the bottom line is that money is particularly tight.

She has three sons, 12, 9, and 6 years old and with whom I've had the pleasure of playing around with. (Anyone who knows me will attest to the fact that I'm very picky about which kids I will garner a stamp of approval to, and all three have passed the test.) It broke my heart to hear of the circumstances, as to parts of her story I could relate and thought back to my own childhood. A single mom, doing all she can to not only give her children all they need, but to never let them know all she in turn goes without. Thankfully my own mother wasn't single for all too long, and a man to whom I can't begin to express how much I think of him...for he truly earned that title as Dad, stepped in and pulled his own share of the brunt. Actually pulled far more than his fair share!

But in getting back to my friend worrying about putting presents under the tree this year while still covering expenses; I wanted to do something to help. I wished I had the extra funds to hit up Toys R Us and surround the tree with loot...but I don't have amble amounts of extra cash lying around myself. (Thank you Legacy hospital! Lol.)

And so I've been troubled, and still wanted to be able to help. Now I've never done something like this, and it's not exactly going about it the 'proper' way in that it isn't a case of an Adopt a Family type organization. Add on top of that the fact that the date that Santa is due here is fast approaching. But, if there is anyone that would like to help out this wonderful family, please contact me. My email is: captaincait@hotmail.com

I can't really offer you much in exchange, except knowing how much of an impact you will have on this family of four...how much of a burden you will be able to ease for a struggling mother. I will also promise to anyone who helps in any way to make them their own personalized cartoon and express my own thanks.

Again, I know this is a rather odd way to go about things, and I wasn't even completely sure whether to go through with it, but it was all I could think of. I hope you all can be grateful for what you do have, and if you are able to share...though I completely understand not everyone can!

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Dan.Eliot said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Honey...What would the boys need/want most?

Caitlin said...

Anyone wanting to help out, please email me directly. :)

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