Proudly a Clydesdale!

well for all of u needing a little kick in the butt to get in shape maybe this will do it! hehe...i'm a running fanatic myself and ever since i broke my leg and have been relegated to the couch i've been certain that by the time i get back to pounding the pavement i will be of sumo proportions! this then got me thinking to what it would look like for me to be waddling down the road; still i didn't want to do a girl because that may hit a little too close to they say i don't necessarily want to jinx myself with a prophetical cartoon! so instead i made this guy and you can tell that his heart for the sport and his dedication is just as large as his actual running shorts! so to all of the Clydesdale runners out there...quake the track with pride! You can actually see this as a Father's Day card if you want and i've also turned it into a few fun shirts, mugs, etc. to see on my Zazzle site.

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