Freelance writers unite to build a strong community

One of the great things about the freelance writing community is the willingness to help each other out. For the most part, other freelance writers are more than happy to pass on their advice, help, and experience to those writers just starting out. Whether it be guidance and offering the best places to find freelance writing jobs, strategies on how to most effectively utilize your time, or simply be sounding boards to listen to a rant. Because they know how difficult it can be just starting out on a freelance writing career, they are usually great people to turn to with all your questions.

I often found myself stuck with plenty of questions, confused about the whole freelance writing business and how to get writing jobs, and outside of reading books I found the the best place to go looking for answers was right on the web. Other freelance writers' blogs, forums, and online articles were a source of both tips, advice, and reassurance the the hardest part was sipmly starting out and getting established. Their kind words did much in the way to not only get me freelance writing jobs, but in keeping me inspired to keep at, keep going, and believe in my own abilities. After lots of rejection, many writers often begin to doubt themselves, but hearing that many freelance writers struggle can motivate you to keep plugging away.

There were many places that helped me and provided excellent insight into the freelance writing business, but perhaps the very best place was at the Freelance Writer's Network: , here was not only tons of articles and resources to get you started and help you along, but also freelance writing leads for you to look for jobs. I found my first gigs there, and continue to visit this site often, as there is always something new to learn because I am still learning and still consider myself a newbie to the whole freelance writing business. So, I hope that in pointing you to this site you too can find answers to your questions and that you take advantage of the generous and forthcoming freelance writing community!

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collier1960 said...

Good stuff, Caitlin.
And speaking of helping each other out, if you ever need any insight into the field of building design and constuction, please let me know. I've been a registered architect for 20 years and am trying to share the knowledge with other writers and bloggers.
My blog, Building Content, is at:

Caitlin said...

Thanks for stopping by and for the comment!! I think it's important of artists of every medium to help each other out! I will definitely keep you in mind should I need any advice on building designs, and feel free to do the same with me should you have any writing questions! Great blog yourself, by the way. :)

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