Going above and beyond

Generally when you first start out freelance writing for a career, you are met with admittedly less than to be desired amounts of payment for your freelance writing works. That's the nature of the beast, as in order to gain the higher paying freelance writing jobs you need to have clips, or previous works, to show your potential hirees. So in completing these early assignments, freelance writers may be tempted to simply muddle through and do what is being asked, but not too much more.

Okay, so you may be thinking that's what you should be doing, because I said in a previous posting that you should dedicate an appropriate amount of effort and time to the amount you are getting paid for each freelance writing job. So you would think that if you are only getting $5 an article, then they should be happy to receive something that is at least legible and in English! Well, let me backtrack a bit in saying, you need to earn that right as a freelance writer. You can't simply crank out, well, crap, and expect to then have enough good quality freelance writing clips and satisfied clients who will recommend you in the future. So yes, early on you will be working harder on those lower paying freelance writing jobs, but you will be building your credentials, experience, and your brand.

And by being extra attentive and willing to provide your freelance writing clients with sometimes more than they would have expected, you can be they will be all the more willing to not only work with you on future projects, but then even give you better paying and more desirable freelance writing jobs. This is how I got my best client. I started out writing articles for $4 each, not too much money at all, but I always did my best and did them promptly. I was early on deadlines, and even helped her out when other freelance writers didn't get their own assignments to her on time. I busted by butt to get done a bunch of work she needed done that day, and she then began offering me better freelance writing articles and other projects much more often.

Staring out freelance writing is the hardest part, but once you get those first few clients and do those writing jobs to the best of your ability, the better projects will come. Then, you can earn the right to pass on the lower paying jobs!

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