Writing articles of magazines vs. writing online

So right now I'm thinking about the different opportunities in freelance writing jobs. It seems there are two parallel worlds: online and print. I really do all my writing online and submit for websites, blogs, and marking all over the internet. But the thing that I'm wondering is if it is better to seek out more magazine and paper article submission. Since freelance writing is my career, I have to think obviously about the amount of money that I can make from my articles. From what it sounds like you can make much more per submission to a magazine or newspaper than you can for any online content, websites, or blogs.

I can see that because for blogs the tone and nature is often more casual and shorter in length. But that's not always the case with all online freelance writing jobs because I've written some longer articles and done significant amounts of research for others. But in my experience it seems that per word and assignment you can make a lot more from your freelance writing when you query to magazines, trade papers, and newspapers. But it seems that finding writing jobs online is both easier and you get a speedier return. If you submit a query to a magazine the wait time can be months and if you are stuck waiting to hear back you're sort of, well stuck.

Since being a freelance writer is at time inconsistent in regards to the amount of work; you can be super busy one week then have little to do the next, I'm just trying to find a way to maximize the return for whatever I do. Well, duh, that's everyone's goal right! But again with breaking into the magazine realm it seems like it's a struggle, and right now I've finally gotten to the point where I have a good amount of freelance writing jobs online yet they don't pay as much as I see some magazines offering. So I'm just weighting in my head what to do, and if anyone is reading and has advice or input, do feel free to share!

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