Freelance Writing Jobs You May Not Have Thought Of

There is no doubt an ongoing search for work when you are a freelance writer, and finding jobs can be a bit hit and miss. Freelance writing jobs are definitely out there but sometimes it seems finding them is tough or the particular gigs aren't up your alley or are ones that actually pay that much! I do most of my writing work online for websites and blogs and I was looking for ways to sort of diversify my jobs. I've mentioned a site that I frequently go to, if not daily, for new writing jobs and I am going to speak of them again!

I found a really great post from the Freelance Writer's Journal which is really thorough in siting numerous places where writers can find different work. A lot of the suggestions I hadn't even thought of, and it was great in giving me ideas of where I could further look and connect with businesses and people in need of freelance writers. So I want to post a link to the article and hope it helps you too generate a few good ideas and leads!

Freelance Writing Gigs

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