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Along with being a freelance writer I do love to dabble in the arts too! I've always been one to doodle in the margins of my papers, and loved to draw, paint, sculpt, and create. I like working with different mediums, writing and words being oen of them, but drawing does hold a special place in my heart. I like to do more realistic art pieces but also find that doing funny or quirky cartoons is fun and relaxing too. I like to write little stories or books for my family and friends and then add in cartoon illustrations.

Okay, so where is this going and what is the point of the post? Well the thing is, just like freelance writing jobs there are freelance art jobs for plenty of different niches. Obviously you can be a bona fide artist, but there are other opportunities as well. There are graphic designers that are needed, logos to be created, cartoons to be sold, and then the greeting card industry. There are tons of freelance artist work out there, and if you have a passion for drawing, painting, digitizing, or any other form of visual arts you can look into it. As an example, there is an awesome site: that lets you upload your own greeting card designs. They are usually not the more traditional looking ones and definitely have an edge and I like that. They don't pay for their submissions at this time so anyone can upload and create then send their cards and you can use those as examples of your work to submit to other companies. But Pig Spigot does hold card contests for the best designs and always have some awesome prizes. There are numerous greeting card companies that are always looking for submissions and you may want to inquire.

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