Freelance Writing Articles vs. Blogging

In thinking about the differences between freelance writing articles and using a blog as the platform for the majority of your writing and making your money that way, I'm often left wondering how to best find the balance between the two. There is of course the potential of making a decent income in either of these freelance writing markets, but with article writing it seems that the writer is reliant on what the employer or magazine wants whereas with blogging you can take the content and topics into your own hands. Basically, it is with blogging that the freedom to write whatever you want to, whatever moves you, and whatever you are most passionate about. This of course is appealing to any freelance writer, or anyone in general.

In building a successful blog, however, any freelance writer or blogger needs to do a lot more than simply post. Getting a following through networking, building your brand, and getting your voice out there are all integral parts of the process. For if you have a kick butt blog, but no one is reading it, what does that get you? The fact is, making money off of blogging takes a lot of work, energy, networking, and times. The reward is of course being able to dictate what you write and post, but you have to be willing to put in the necessary work and energies.

As for freelance writing articles, the hard part is simply finding an interested party or a writing gig. Freelance writing jobs are wrought with competition, and you have to present an intriguing query or submission, or prove you are the best candidate for the job. The other aspect of freelance writing articles and assignments for others is that if freelance writing is you only source of income, you are reliant upon what they are willing to pay. And if you are just starting out, many of the freelance writing jobs don't pay as much as you hope or in relation to how much actual time and research the project entails.

It is here that I come to the question of: how much time do you invest in each of these freelance writing ventures so that you can build your brand and your blog while still freelance writing articles in order to make enough money. You need to write, sometimes less than desirable projects to earn a salary, but you still want to designate enough time to your own blog so that you can keep building it up and eventually one day make that your full time priority. Anyone is urged to weigh in with their thoughts!

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