Persistence is the Word

Freelance writing as a career is tough to break into. Most of the jobs you apply for want to previous work or references, but if you are new and don't have much in the way to offer up, you are stuck in a sort of nasty circle. In order to get a job you need previous experience and work, but in order to get that, you need writing jobs! It can frustrating, and downright mind-numbing at times sending out queries, replying for gigs, and a writer not only needs to have the ability to write, but outfitted with a thick skin, persistence, and patience.

Generally, jobs aren't going to fall into your lap, and unless you know someone with connections or are lucky enough to serendipitously find an easy way into the market, you will be out trolling for possible leads. Online has quickly become the best way to do this, and by searching sites you can find postings from people seeking article writers, bloggers, and other writing contributions. From there, it's just a matter of putting yourself out there time and time again, and never giving up. Honestly, these posting get hundreds if not many more replies from writers looking to fill the position, so there is tough competition. But, if you truly are willing to put the time and work into it, eventually you will get your first few replies. You'll make it to the final rounds of interviews, and ultimately...*drumroll* the first few jobs! Yes, it is possible, but don't fool yourself, it's going to come with lots of rejection first, and even after that, you can't have low self-esteem and be a successful writer. Pick yourself up and keep on going back for more, in the mean time, write...on everything and anything. Practice, and if you have a blog write there and work on your craft. If you don't have a blog, I'd suggest starting one, if for nothing more than getting the words out there.

Good luck my fellow writers and have the fortitude to keep going back out there!

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