The Importance of Article Marketing

Freelance writing for a career entails much more than simply writing. Although as a freelance writer we get to do what we love to do, and that is write, but at the same time we must also be our own marketers, build our brand, and in essence sell ourselves which is our product. You have to get your work noticed in order to get freelance writing jobs. That's why today it is so important to have a platform to show your freelance writing work to potential clients and the best way to do that is through a website or blog.

Once you have set up a blog or site for your freelance writing business (Because you are small business!) you need to get it out there. To do that you need to promote your blog and there are a number of ways to get the traffic you need for people to come to your freelance writing site and then give you the chance to work with them. One such tactic is through article marketing. Article marketing is excellent for a freelance writer because it part of what we are good at and is part of our career of choice. What you do with article marketing is write a number of articles a week and then submit them to various internet article hosting sites. There, you will gain exposure and the all important backlinks that people who read your article at the host site will then find a link back to your freelance writing website or blog.

Some of the best article database sites to submit your freelance articles to to get those backlinkds are,,, and When you submit to these sites it is free for you, you retain all rights to your freelance articles and so you can then get your work out there with links directly back to your freelance writing website or blog. Starting a freelance writing business is tough to get going and gaining traffic, but with hard work, fortitude, and time it can be done!

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