Rising up Among the Masses

With much of what we read coming from online sources, the freelance writing market is fast becoming more internet based than solely in printed form. This can be great, as you can almost instantly reach a wider fan base, but at the same time, it gives everyone and anyone license to say virtually anything. Along with that, credible sources get lost in the shuffle of 'experts' and one never really knows where sources or articles are coming from. It seems that everyone and their dog has a blog of their own, and are more than willing to share with the world, from everything from what needs to change, to the move captivating revelations going on in their lives...did I mention that I switched toothpaste brands?! Freelance writing and blogging has been granted to the masses, and those hoping to make a successful writing career must push all that harder to get noticed.

With that, the online world is constantly being bombarded by articles, blurbs, and snippets, which can make it all the more difficult for those freelance writers to actually DO good work and get their services and articles out there. SEO keyword writing is a major player in getting your words picked up and noticed by search engines, but that is a difficult beast to master. It seems that with a wider availability allowing everyone to voice their thoughts, you no longer have to like or have a particular knack for writing to be success in any type of freelance writing or online marketing, as long as you cram enough keywords into the text and market like a fiend.

It makes it a bit unfair, I feel in my humble opinion, to those who are looking to write good quality works, but aren't quite as up to speed on the evolving internet techniques. Finding freelance writing work can be tricky, with tons of competition, and writers willing to work for pennies an article. If a potential job listing gets a hundred responses, and someone offers to do the work for $5 a piece, and another candidate's price is higher, who would you choose? Between competitive pricing, experience also comes into play; which puts freelance writers just starting out at a big disadvantage. Still, you have to hope that if you continue to produce good quality work, it will get noticed in the end. In the meant time, we must polish our SEO skills and cede to the fact that it's no longer enough to simply love to write and be willing to do your best on each assignment. Freelance writers need to think of themselves as marketers and actively sell their work. Good luck freelance writers of the world!

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