Getting back to a bit of the toons

Just a quickie post today so this blog doesn't go completely ignored while I keep trying to heal up from my leg injury. I'm pretty pleased I was able to do a little SOMETHING over the past week and a half, even though in perspective I feel like a slacker. First it was really tough to concentrate with the med's and I was just so tired from the surgeries, but slowly I'm starting to be able to concentrate better and I was able to get some writing done. Still I'm taking a break from projects for clients and taking the time to start working on a new novel idea I've had. I don't want to put too much stress on myself with having to meet strict deadlines because I still get really tired and don't want to make promises I couldn't keep.

I've been wanting to do more art, but since I'm literally laying down on my back the whole day it's tough to get the right angle and control with a clipboard on my lap. I'm hoping soon I'll either get a little better at that or find a way to set up a better working condition. So until then I'm just doing some cartoons and I've just finished two outline sketches for a couple projects. One is an idea for a Pink Hair for Cancer campaign at a hair salon where women are encouraged to put pink streaks in their hair to help the cause. That actually sounds really fun and I wish I could do that. The other is an idea for a font that one awesome musician, Ali Heyer, came up with and she wanted a memorable cartoon character to go with it. The font is called Presto Magic, hence the title there. :)

So verrrry slowly but surely I'm trying to get some stuff done and I've been working on some other sketches for one of my art buds who I was joking around with while in the hospital and I owe him some drawings, and I'm doing some thank you cards for all of the wonderful doctors and nurses who helped me insurmountably these past weeks and are continuing to do so in the upcoming months. Hope all is well with you and do what makes you happy!

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