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i'm very excited that i got a new Wacom tablet and have been playing around with it to color in my cartoons. i'm still learning all of the features and getting better control with the pen and such, but so far i'm liking it. here is one of the first few cartoons i've colored using it, but i'm not really completely happy with the finished product as it is now. i want to learn how to do a better job with the shading and highlighting; like i said it's sort of been me bumbling through the program so i hope over time i'll get a better hold of it. in the mean time i do like that it gives the drawings a more polished look. and you can see this in its card form at PigSpigot.

on the writing front i'm still plowing forward with my latest novel idea and am sort of mapping out the rest of the plot in my head. i'm liking how it's turning out thus far but want to add in some unexpected twists; but they are going to require a little research so i'm putting my thinking cap on and hopefully i'll reach the end soon. :) that's all for now...you all are having a great weekend!

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