Burlesque Show in Pencils

Here's the pencil drawing I've been working on yesterday and today; I've been on a bit of a pencil kick I suppose. I really like doing cartoon type designs with the pens and markers but sometimes I have fun trying my had at something a little more realistic. I get a bit more stressed out when I do these, so I like to mix it up with the cartoons where I'm not so uptight about getting everything 'just right.' I don't know about other artists but I get going and then reach a certain point in the piece where I'm pretty happy with how it's turning out and then get afraid that I'm going to mess it all up! For this one I am pleased with the face, that's always the hardest part, but I need to still work on better shading/blending...ugh. And upon further inspection I'm not all that jazzed about the eyes; they don't quite pop...but oh well. It is what it is...and one more thing I would like to add, "I hate blasted theater curtains!" Those were annoying with all the wrinkles and such...hehe. Well, back to work for me. :)

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