The Little Brother Conquers

Being laid up with a gimp leg is no fun, and i've been trying to get in some quality drawing time but it's been so tough to deal with this clipboard...i miss tables! But i've been doing my best and here's a little cartoon i made for one of my friends; it depicts the ongoing saga of sibling rivalry and we can all appreciate the joy that comes when the younger brother at last is able to stand up to his older bro!

I've also been able to work on my latest novel idea, which i'm actually beginning to like more an more. I had started without a real clear picture of where the plot would eventually lead and the ending, but i had the premise in mind. this is the first time where i just kind of plunk down and start writing what comes to mind; a little experiment i guess. we'll see how this ends up.

Anyways, my dad is visiting (actually more like working like crazy!) to help me out around her. he's been AMAZING; cleaning, arranging, and doing everything for me; i feel like a spoiled little brat watching him doing all this work while i lie here and watch tv and type on the computer. gotta love the man! :)

Well, that's it for now, so until next time...

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