Today I spent the day at the art desk. I haven't done a pencil drawing for a while and I had had an idea for one floating around in my head for some time. I had been thinking about this image and wanting to get something down on paper but was busy with one writing job or task; so when I got some time today I busted out the pencils. Anyways, here is what evolved and I think I kind of like how the lady turned out; a bit creepy, what I was going for although I wish I would have done a better job with the wrinkles around the mouth, eyes, and overall so she would look a bit older. Oh well, what's done is done; and when I had originally thought about it I was going to put her on top of a painted background but I decided to do a pencil background for now and maybe attach her to a painting later if I wanted to. I just wanted to finish something today, and I will call myself out for being a lazy/slacker artist today because the background is quite lacking. Oh well, if I decide to come back to her later I'll just do the painting thing. But for today at least here is my drawing...Cheer! :)

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