A birthday card for all us geezers!

"Happy birthday. Enjoy those golden years."

Here's my latest little card doodle that I've done, and that's what it reads on the inside of the card. I've been having some fun doing some cartoons when I can fit them in and I've been working on a dummy for my latest kid's book idea. I've finally gotten all of the rough sketches done and now working my way through the inks. Which brings up the fact that I've now got a headache from breathing all of those pen fumes! I guess if I've got to kill off some brain cells in the name of art, so be it...hehe. But I've only got 9 pages left to do, and I'm hoping I can get those finished and get everything assembled soon!

I'll be sure to keep you updated on that status and hopefully I'll get hooked up with an agent and one day you'll be able to read it in a Borders near you. :)

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