A Princess Lady Gaga Wedding

So today's little cartoon actually comes from an inspired Twitter conversation with @brendaboo when she wrote, "Trying to convince my 3 yr old that #LadyGaga does not have a princess movie. She is in love with just dance. ha ha" From there we went on to create the latest Disney flick centered around one Miss Gaga. Of course the tale would include plenty of paparazzi, could never be without Perez Hilton, and the beautifully lavish wedding, complete with a Prince rendition of Purple Rain fused with Paparazzi, would take a shocking turn when a fame jealous Lindsay Lohan crashes her car onto the aisle narrowly missing our Gaga princess. From there...we can only guess what kind of cat fight throw down would ensue...be sure to check back for updates on this masterpiece of the theater sure to be making its way to the big screen soon! hehe

On another note, I'm thinking I may color in this doodle and put it up as a wedding congrats card on Pigspigot...we'll see.

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