Slowly, against my will at first, I became a Twitter convert

I will admit, I was more than hesitant at first to log onto and partake in the Twitter mania that has seemed to befallen the rest of the world. I couldn't understand the point of reading what everyone was 'up to' every hour of the day; there are in fact some things that should remain private...say the going-ons in the bathroom! But I finally came around to signing up and sending out my first few hesitant Tweets.

The thing was, I figured that there couldn't really be anyone all that interested in what happened to be on my mind or what mundane task I was up to. Unless I was suddenly hit with creative inspiration that would regale my followers, I didn't find any need to post a new Tweet.

Days passed, and I was still listed as up to the same activity...then weeks. Gasp, I had committed a fatal Twitter crime in neglecting my updates. The truth was I still didn't understand all of the hoopla that surrounded this crazy bird. I didn't even understand half of the messages being put up...what was an @someone and the meaning of RT passed over my head. I didn't get the # signs and I was confused over the whole reply thing. Yet something possessed me to find the answers and so I shamefacedly Goggled what all of these things meant and found I was not alone in my cloudy understanding. Albeit I may have been in the company of the old, techno challenged, and other wayward Twitter newbies, but I was not in fact alone.

So I become a student of the Twitter, joined some groups and even a few Twibes. I learned how people network on this blasted thing, and realized the nuisance of Spam Tweets. I don't care if you lost 25 pounds in a week thanks to the miracle drink you're hawking! But I actually DID start getting interested in what actual people were writing and did some replies to sort of connect. I then found it a bit addicting once you got started.

I learned that Twitter can be a fun way to not only share what's on your mind and also yes, promote what work you're doing as long as it isn't to the excess, but also meet up with some like minded individuals you may never have had a chance to connect with. While I'm still new to this whole Twitter business, I think, in fact I have crossed to the other side.

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