Do you feel lucky???

While I did spend the last few days working on my freelance writing jobs, I did get to sneak away some time to do some cartoon doodling! I did this one while watching 'The Invention of Lying' which was quite funny if I may say so myself. But because I always have a hard time just sitting and watching movies without DOING anything I like to draw at the same time. I didn't really have a specific inspiration per say for this one, but I just started going and saw where the pen led me. I thought the end result was ho-hum, okay for kind of a loosey goosey drawing without having an idea in my head before to work off of. Anyways, I've added this one to my cards at Pigspigot so if you want to take a look at the finished one, be my guest! :) Take care all and until next time...try to avoid sleeping with the fishies!

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