24 going on 12...

Okay, well today I think I definitely took some time to nurture that little girl inside. In fact, she isn't really that far from the surface is what I am finding out, and I don't think any amount of added years are going to change that. When I was younger I always thought that 20-something and 30-something women (yes, by that point they were women in my mind) led these refined and classy lives being the professionals they were. But here I am 24 and when the bag boy called me 'madam' I almost couldn't believe it. Here I am, who when walking into Costco gets accosted by the 'bouncer lady' checking membership cards who grabs my arm and asks me, "Where is your mother?", and now I'm being called madam? I know I look like a 15 year old, 18 tops, and I actually don't mind it. I don't feel like a 24 year old and I don't think I live the kind of life I envision when I hear that age. I know I'm more of a homebody; not necessarily recluse but I don't feel the desire to go out to clubs until the wee hours and I'm more than happy to stay home with some good old Nick at Nite reruns and making stupid jokes.

I feel a bit out of place or like an 'impostor' sometimes around my peers when they regale in tales of the previous weekend and how they don't actually remember most of it. I've been a runner for what seems like forever so through school I didn't stay out late, drink, do drugs, or party really because I was in training and had to get up for a workout or race the next day. And that was fine with me; I was much happier to be able to give a semi-acceptable excuse (even if I sounded dorky) to bow out at the late hour of say 10pm. My close friends felt the same way, but as I have moved on and out of school and into 'the real world' I am sometimes left feeling like I'm a bit out of place. I watch say Sex and the City and I feel quite honestly like a 15 year old, inexperienced girl who would rather go to say Disneyland than Tao or whatever hot place to be.

Case in point; today I spent an awesome day at the arcade with my bro and we hit up the air hockey table and did our best to get enough tickets to 'score that sweet prize' at the ticket counter. And what, pray tell were these coveted items? For me it was a Tamigatchi (yes, I found out they DO still exist!) and a little plastic bracelet. While we may have spent more money to get the tickets than it may have cost to actually buy said items at Dollar Tree, I don't have any regrets. I had a blast, and I guess no matter how long I'm on this Earth I don't really know if I'll actually ever 'grow up'.

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