Finding Freelance Writing Jobs

Always being on the lookout for freelance writing jobs is the name of the game when freelance writing is your career. Even if you do have a steady stream of clients, it's always a good idea to at least keep an eye out for a potential writing gigs; you never know when you might find something that's perfect for you and right up your alley. I like to troll a few sites if I'm not working on a particular project and I've found some great jobs and clients that way. It never hurts to send out a few query emails or clips, especially if you've got some already on file and it could only take a minute or two.

There are really two main sites that I look to that have an excellent compilation of writing leads and they're the first two on the list. I don't really like to go to sites that make you bid on a particular freelance writing job only because you generally have to be a member to the site, and then you get ranked on some crazy scale that is in terms how often you participate on that site, and it seems like the whole ordeal takes so long. I usually like responding to Craigslist postings and others that are open to everyone. So here some sites I use the most as a freelance writer and the first one is actually much more than a bunch of job leads. The whole site is an excellent resource I've used from when I just got started to today. The next is good as it is updated almost to the minute; the third is a forum that posts writing opportunities as they come and I've used a few times. So good luck all you guys and happy writings! :)

1) The Freelance Writing Job Network

2) Online Writing Jobs

3) Writer's Weekly Forum

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