Slacking today but thinking about running :)

Ahh, well I do feel like a bit of a slacker so far for 2010! :P I've gotten caught up on all of my projects and am left twiddling my thumbs in front of the keyboard and trolling online. It's amazing how much time can seem to fly by when you're doing...well, nothing...haha. But I at least did do some research reading so perhaps all is not wasted. I'm going to do some work on a few sketches and have been brainstorming about some topics for my Fitness Stop blog. I'm kind of excited in that I'm going to start a weekly training plan for anyone who wants to start running can follow. I figure I've dedicated enough hours of my life to it that I've got plenty of experience to pull from.

I used to want to be a running coach, as I think it would be lots of fun, so this can be my virtual way of doing that. If any of you fellow freelancers out there are also running freaks feel free to stop by and partake and even add your two cents! Well, that's all for now folks but I hope you like the cartoon I did too...hehe.

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