Children's book and running stuff

Well, I'm actually proud of myself...I finally put together a dummy for the children's book I had written and drawn but had be scattered about forever! It took way too long to get put up, but I made it into an online presentation and did send out a few queries to some children's book publishing agents. Well, I do hope that something may eventually work out, I think I've got a few more ideas floating around the old noggin that I'm going to try to bring into fruition. For my next one I'd like to make it a bit more humorous in the way of adults may're never too old for a good picture book! Here is a picture from it, and the premise is around one Miss Tooth and all the struggles that face that fairy as she flits around the world in the bicuspid biz.

Other than that, I've been focusing on my Fitness Stop blog as I'm putting up weekly running workouts for anyone who's always wanted to get started in running or get faster but didn't think they could do it. There is a fleet footed person lurking in all of us! Hehe, so if you're into that feel free to stop on by there. Well folks, I hope you are all off to enjoy a fun weekend, and if you should be coming up short a molar or two, be sure to rest gently and don't crush Miss Tooth. :P

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