An Early Valentine's Day Card Just For You

I hope all you freelance writers, (or anyone else for that matter too!) are doing well and had a great weekend. I was doing mostly work, but that's okay...I like making my own schedule and having the flexibility to plan my day around my runs and other chores, so that is definitely a bonus that comes with working at home! Nothing too exciting to report on my end, but of course with the big V-day (or perhaps Dooms Day to others) looming on the horizon the greeting cards are hitting us all with vengeance! I actually have created a few fun Valentine's Day cards that I've put up on and I'll probably be putting the pictures up here as well too. I've got a few more that need to be colored and so they'll probably be popping up as I get the time to do the fun art stuff.

Let's see, well other than that it looks like it's just another day in the neighborhood, but I'm a bit cranky in that my cat Baily has been waking me up licking himself absurdly loud! I love my cat, but the *shlluuurppp, shlluurpp* is utterly nauseating on my end and when it's right in your gives me the willies! Anyways, hope all is well on your end and keep on doing watcha love! :)

PS- The caption for this card reads: "I like you."

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