Quick update since my birthday beat down

Well, I'm officially one year older as of January 8th but am I any wiser? While that may be up for argument by some, I do think I've learned a touch compared to my last birthday...hehe. Well, I did take a much deserve break from my various freelance writing jobs and went out to celebrate with my brother. It may sound like I actually regressed in my number of years however, in that we hit up those bowling lanes and partook in some rigorous air hokey games! I do love bowling and making a fool of myself, and this year I did all of that is fine fashion...I bowled a personal worst score (too low to even admit to on here) and was in fact schooled despite plenty of my trash talking to the opposite. So, I thought that maybe I could change my luck on the air hockey table, and after starting off quite well I again fell victim to my brother's game.

That's okay as the night was a success; people watching is perhaps one of my favorite sports and might I say they did not disappoint in the least! So after netting another year I got right back to working on my writing jobs and projects. But that's okay as I do like what I do! :) Well, sorry to make this short folks, but I've got some other stuff to get working on however I wanted to jump on here for at least a quick update!

As a side note, I did not in fact have this particular cake for my birthday but I wanted to post a birthday card I designed! The inside reads: "Turns out $20 doesn't go as far as it used to. Happy Birthday."

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